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About Us

Our Founders

Chris & Leila Keilbart

With over a decade of experience in the Financial Services Industry, Chris & Leila are experts in educating families how to of protecting the family financial legacy. They accomplish this by offering a personalized unique financial education & mentoring families on how to build wealth for their specific situations.

Our Chief Marketing Officer

Israel Macias

Israel Macias is one of the most innovative and creative marketers you will ever meet. His experience with SEO and social media platforms is a key to helping spread the message of Keilbart Freedom Solutions.

Our Marketing Team

In this age of digital technology, our marketing team seeks top-of-the-line performance both in extending their outreach and in servicing clients. Using a variety of tools and social media platforms to market, manage, and communicate with the world at large, they’re some of the industry’s best and brightest!

Our Comprehensive Financial Services We Offer

Keilbart Freedom solutions, life insurance.

Life Insurance

Keilbart Freedom solutions, investment services.

Investment Services

Keilbart Freedom Solutions.

Work With Our Advisors For Free

There is no financial cost to meet with our financial advisors. Get access to a licensed professional for a customized plan for your future today.

Keilbart Freedom Solutions.

Flexible 1 on 1 Consultations

Our financial advisors provide flexible scheduling tailored to your dynamic lifestyle and business. We understand the life of average American's journey, so we do our best to adapt to you!

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